CentraleSupélec Finance and Consulting, a student association from CentraleSupélec

Members of the Club CentraleSupélec Finance & Consulting

From right to left : Aristide Ayao Anifrani, Louis Alexis Dubief and Julien Veron Vialard.

In June 2017, the student finance associations from Centrale Paris (Centrale Finance Society) and Supélec (Supélec Finance Club) merged into a new student association: CentraleSupélec Finance and Consulting. This merger was done by the first Board of the new association.

All about finance and consulting !

CentraleSupélec Finance and Consulting is defined by its values of promotion of careers in finance and consulting among its fellow members and knowledge sharing. It is organised around three poles of excellence, yet it caters to a wide variety of finance and consulting related interests. We provide our members many opportunities to extend their knowledge of the financial and consulting world and help their professional development by fostering the sharing of information and providing them with the necessary training.

We warmly invite you to discover the events we organised or attended to in the past and download our brochure for 2017-2018.

Do you have any questions about us ?

Feel free to ask questions about our activities and the partnerships we have, and organise events with us.